April 4, 2019 : 1 PM - 2 PM

Verizon Talent Acquisition

Touch the Horizon with Verizon - Network with the Talent Acquisition team !
Are you all set for an exciting Internship / Full-Time opportunity coming your way ?
Meet the people in person and grab this exciting opportunity!
James G Aftosmis -Senior Manager at Verizon
Nitin Arora-Data Scientist, Verizon(Former student at UTD)

Big Data Club is back with the next event for this Semester !!!
The Data Science & Data Engineering team from Verizon will be here in JSOM on the 4th of April.
Bring your resume, talk with the experts and increase your chances of landing an internship / Full-Time role in Verizon.


JSOM 2.106

February 27, 2019 : 4-7 PM

Networking Event

A 4-hour workshop by Data Science Director of the h2o.ai, Mr. David Whiting on the widest used tool in the industry, h20 driverless AI (don't worry if you don't know machine learning, it's all done using a tool) and a chance to network with him.



February 8-9, 2019 : 10 AM - 5 PM

Workshop-cum-Networking Event

A 2-day long workshop for data enthusiasts by Mr. Durga Gadiraju who is known worldwide for his specialization in Cloudera CCA 175 Certification.


February 8, 2019 : SSA Theater
February 9, 2019 : ECSS 2.415

January 23, 2019 : 12:30 - 2 PM


Meeting with current members and professors and new incoming spring students, planned to be held within the first 2 weeks of this semester.


JSOM 1.517

November 3, 2018 : 2 - 5 PM

Workshop on Machine Learning

A machine learning workshop was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Neelabh Pant, Data Science Executive at Walmart where he explained about the fundamentals of Supervised and Unsupervised learning. All the participants got a chance to have hands-on on real life dataset.


JSOM 2.103

September 15, 2018 : starting 5 PM

Networking Mixer Fall 2018

We had an extensive session where industrial speakers shared their knowledge about various technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Python and many more. They also recommended and shared books, study materials and other online resources. About speakers:
1. Mr. Abhishek, Data Scientist from AT&T shared his experience about the use of Big Data and Data Science for traffic routing
2. Mr. Nitin Arora, Data Scientist from Verizon shared his experience about the steep learning curve and importance of CCA175 certification
3. Dr. Neelabh Pant, Data Science Executive at Walmart talked about his academic journey and having PhD in geospatial analysis and gave an idea about the marketing strategies at Walmart using Predictive analytics to increase the revenue.


Davidson Auditorium, JSOM Building

March 25, 2018 : starting 12 PM

Spring Networking Mixer

We, the Big Data Club, present our Spring Networking Mixer on 25th March 2018. It would be a wonderful opportunity to meet Big Data professionals from Toyota, Capital One, Amazon, and GlaxoSmithKline and learn about the latest trends that are being followed in the industry. There will also be a Q & A session where you can ask them specific questions. So, save the date on your calendar and get most out of this event.


Executive Dining Room, EDR A (1.606) JSOM

Please RSVP by clicking on the flyer. See you at the Mixer!

February 10, 2018 : 8:30 AM – 12 PM

Bootcamp - Basics of Python and Spark

Our event, ‘Bootcamp - Basics of Python and Spark’ in association with Mr.Durga Gadiraju, will lay a strong foundation for you to build your Big Data skills. Data processing is playing a very important and integral role in the functioning of brands and companies. With so much data present within companies, it is important that brands can make sense of this data in an effective manner. Our event will educate you on the basics of data processing using Python and Spark, two of the most important data processing units.


Davidson Auditorium, JSOM Building

November 11, 2017 : 12:30PM – 2:00PM

An interactive Session with AT&T

The ‘An Interactive Session with AT&T’ event was vital in educating us about the latest Big Data technologies used in the market and the skills that are sought-after by the recruiters at AT&T. Our featured speakers, Roli Arora (Director at AT&T, Solution Architecture - Big Data) and Sheilon King (Director at AT&T, Data Insights), are leaders who are shaping the present and future of the Big Data industry with brilliance. Additionally, being able to tackle the Big Data challenge in the world’s largest telecommunication company is awe-inspiring. Their insights were invaluable in helping us align our skills to land our dream job.


JSOM 2.722

September 6, 2017 : 5:30PM – 7PM

Big Data is the new oil

The ‘Big Data is the new oil’ event was orchestrated by Mr. Aamer Charania, a pioneer in the field of Big Data and Analytics with 10 patents and over 15years of experience. He is the Director of Big Data and Machine Learning in Humana, a Fortune 500 company that provides the 3 rd  largest health insurance in the US. While taking us through his journey, he assisted us in aligning our goals in-line with the needs of the industry. Being one of the people who drive the industry, he was effective in enlightening us on the direction in which the Big Data industry is evolving.


JSOM 1.212

September 1 - 3, 2017

Dallas Big Data Event

The ‘Dallas Big Data Event’ was designed and conducted by Mr. Durga Gadiraju, an aficionado of data science and big data analytics. In November 2015, he founded IT Versity, LLC and has served as a passionate advocate of Technology ever since. As part of the session, he introduced us to the basics of Scala and Python programming (primarily collections and tuples). Additionally, he gave us a hands-on understanding of Spark SQL and additional resources to pursue Big Data further. Being a person who develops content and provides training in Big Data and Business Intelligence, his insights were comprehensive and valuable. The event was a huge success considering the massive turn out and the quality of the content delivered.


Davidson Auditorium, JSOM Building